Qonda Reports



You've probably got some questions on how you can report on ArcGIS Enterprise, Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online content, visualize item dependencies and see what members are creating/using/sharing.

We've got some frequently asked questions below!

What does the word Qonda mean?

Qonda is an African word (Zulu & Xhosa) that means to understand, to comprehend or to grasp.

We think that's the perfect name for a solution that provides insights into your ArcGIS systems!

Who developed Qonda Reports?

Qonda was envisioned and developed by Trevor Hart, owner of Ope Ltd (an Esri business partner). Trevor is a recognised leader in enterprise ArcGIS architecture design and deployment.

Why was Qonda Reports developed?

Enterprise GIS has become more powerful and easy to use but at the same time they have become more complex. Multiple servers, service sprawl, user self-service and databases galore!

After deploying many large scale ArcGIS systems, it was apparent that understanding how these systems were interconnected is becoming harder and harder. No one can truely keep track of the connections between systems, apps, services and data.

That's where Qonda Reports comes in, it aggregates information from all of your ArcGIS Systems and joins the dots between them.

Who needs Qonda Reports?

Basically any organization that has multiple ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online systems.

Who is the target audience?

Qonda Reports is mainly used by GIS architects, GIS administrators and GIS content creators. It is also of use for security auditors.

What Esri ArcGIS systems does Qonda Reports support?

Qonda Reports supports ArcGIS Enterprise (Server & Portal) 10.5+ and ArcGIS Online.

How do I refresh the data in Qonda Reports?

Systems can be scanned on demand (by administrators) but are primarily updated on a daily schedule.

How many servers, portals and online systems can Qonda Reports support?

There is no technical limit per install however the number of systems influences the time taken to update the system. Larger deployments will also take longer to scan.

Does Qonda Reports require administrator access to my ArcGIS Server?

No it doesnt, however having no admin access reduces the amount of data collected.

Does Qonda Reports require admin access through my web adaptor?

No it is not mandatory but some data will not be populated during a scan. When deployed on premise, Qonda Reports can collect data directly from your ArcGIS Server (using port 6443).

Does Qonda Reports require and administrator account?

No it is not mandatory but some data will not be populated during a scan. For example ArcGIS Online does not expose the admin API for hosted services therefore some data relating to hosted services will not be able to be collected.

Is Qonda Reports secure?

Yes. Qonda Reports leverages either Portal or ArcGIS Online for authentication using OAuth.

Qonda Reports uses Portal or ArcGIS Online groups for authorization (e.g. who is an administrator).

Qonda Reports is regularly scanned for SSL weaknesses, security exploits and vulnerabilities. Qonda Reports implements TLS 1.2/1.3 only and uses strong ciphers for encryption. This results in a "A" rating using the Qualys SSL Labs scanning tool.

Qonda Reports is also scanned with Qualys Web Application Scanning for security risks, vulnerabilities and sensitive contents. While security risks and vulnerabilities are a moving target we aim to mitigate these as soon as these are flagged.

What are the system requirements?

Qonda Reports runs on Windows and mainstream LINUX operating systems. It can also be run as an app service on cloud platforms.

The software was developed to run on commodity hardware and will run well on small servers. The easiest option is to host it on an existing web server as there is minimal impact.