Qonda Reports


Qonda Report Features

Summary/Detailed Portal & Server Information

  • ArcGIS Services.
  • ArcGIS Service Layers.
  • ArcGIS Service Data Items (Feature Classes, Tables etc).
  • ArcGIS Service Data Sources (Enterprise Geodatabase, File base data etc).
  • Portal/Online Items (Web Maps, Web Apps etc).
  • Portal/Online Users.
  • Portal/Online Groups.
  • Portal/Online Roles.
  • Server/Portal Machines (Admin only).
  • Environments (Admin only).

Interactive Content

  • All tables can be filtered & sorted.
  • Charts can be filtered.
  • Interactive diagrams.
    • Multiple layout options.
    • Clustering of nodes (for busy diagrams).
    • Export diagrams.
File Icons

Report Tool

  • Modify or write your own reports using SQL.
  • Many useful out of the box reports, e.g;
    • Credit spend by user.
    • Storage use per user.
    • New content created in the past week.
    • Item view trend.

Other Tools

  • List tool (a one column report), e.g;
    • A list of all users from a Portal.
    • A list of all web services.
    • A list of all email addresses from a Portal.
  • Compare tool - compare lists between two environments, e.g;
    • Compare users between Portals.
    • Compare services between Servers.
    • Compare layers between Servers.
  • Environment overview diagram.